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From the same immaturity level that brought you Andrew Hardingham’s part in Sandbox, Flavor Country and Time well wasted now brings you the film called “Throw your Panties”.

When asked why he wanted to make this film Andrew had this to say, “I like watching funny people say funny things and I also like snowboarding so why over saturate one or the other. I want to mix them both together in an overflowing martini glass and drink down that concoction and call it Throw your Panties… duh”. With riding and other bull shit from Dustin Craven, Tobias Karlsson, Andrew Hardingham, Ryan Hall, Dwain Wiebe, Ingemar Backman and Jonas Guinn.

The film follows these riders for one year through Andrew’s somewhat demented and very twisted perception of snowboarding. Just look at them shoes, i mean there just sitting there so why not try those shoes on. I know you’ll love the fit. This is a must have for core shops that need something new, entertaining and energy charged. It’s guaranteed to make you and anyone who watches it a little bit stupider. TYP is not for little kids.
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